Barnett Residence


Rammed earth villa with passive solar design walls = U-45, thermal chimney effect in design. Features include:

    • Compact size: 1800 square feet
    • Solar hot water system
    • Gallvalume roof - high solar reflectance and enables rainwater collection
    • Steel framing for roof with thermal breaks
    • Double pane aluminum clad wood windows with low-e coating (high efficiency)
    • Designed for good indoor air quality (IAQ):
      No VOC paint, finishes, caulk, sealants
      Stained concrete floor
      No CCA/ACQ wood products - reduces pollution and poisoning
      No need for termite prevention treatment
    • Recycled materials - Window bucks, stove, stairs, bathtub, carpentry/cabinet surfaces
    • Rainwater harvesting for landscape irrigation
    • Wildscape and organic garden


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