Community Commitment

With over a decade of active participation in "green" community projects, local regulatory reform and projects for individual clients, we have helped nurture the growing sustainability movement in Central Texas and beyond. Beginning in 1992 as an advisor to the City of Austin's Green Building Program, we have continued an active participation with that program as well as with other City Commissions and task forces to incorporate environmental protection into all phases of building in Austin.

We were founding members of and ongoing coordinators of the Austin Sustainable Building Coalition (SBC), a group dedicated to educating design professionals and the general public about "green" building. The SBC won the City of Austin Environmental Award in 1995. We were founding members of the highly successful Straw Bale Association of Texas, with which we continue to be actively involved. Our principals have given many local, national and international presentations on various aspects of sustainable building.



Community Projects


Rainwater Harvesting System for the Green Classroom,
Austin Independent School District

Stewardship Architecture's role: Planning and mentoring

Green Classroom was founded in 1989 in Austin, Texas with the goal of serving children struggling in school due to poverty. The Green Classroom uses the garden to make learning more enjoyable, and also teaches the kids about four major aspects of the environment: Water, Waste, Energy and Sustainable Agriculture. Sue has served as mentor for the green Classroom since 1989 and also helped plan the rainwater collection system.


Green Habitat Learning Project

Stewardship Architecture's role: Architectural design and some construction work

A joint project of Habitat for Humanity, American Institute for Learning and the City of Austin Green Building Program. Austin's first affordable sustainable home, built by disadvantaged youth and featuring passive solar design, Faswall walls, compact design, stained concrete floors, metal roof with radiant barrier, cotton batt insulation, linoleum floors and countertops, combination water and space heating system, metal stud partition walls.


Cob Cottage at Rainbow Ranch

Stewardship Architecture's role: Architectural design, project coordination and significant construction work

A cob (clay, straw, sand) retreat for urban disadvantaged youth built almost entirely of on-site or local natural materials and salvaged components.


Garden wall at Casa de Luz Community Center

Stewardship Architecture's role: Architectural design, workshop coordination, construction participation

Straw bale and cob walls and entry gate featuring local juniper wood and locally crafted wall sconces.


Birding Shelter for the Hornsby Bend Community Environmental Partnership

Stewardship Architecture's role: Architectural design, workshop coordination, major construction participation

Travis County Audubon Society sponsored project using local, natural and salvaged materials, such as light clay walls with lime plaster and juniper columns, and incorporating photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting.


Affordable Sustainable Homes for Casa Verde Builders

Stewardship Architecture's role: Architectural design and some construction work

Compact, energy-efficient homes built by disadvantaged young people, featuring various "alternative" wall systems, ducts within the conditioned space, large front porches and site-responsive design.

Recipient of Texas Society of Architects 2000 TSA Honor Awards
One home featured in Cool House Tour 1999