Sanders residence living room



    • Walls of Faswall (recycled wood chip/cement wallform
    • Scored concrete floors colored with nontoxic stain (no acid)
    • Salvaged wood doors, salvaged soffit material, antique wood beams
    • Unpainted, unstained wood ceilings throughout
    • High operable windows for ventilation and daylighting
    • Interior walls painted with milk paint
    • Outdoor shower will put water directly into landscape
    • Building orientation and configuration to reduce energy consumption
    • High mass walls and floor for summer thermal comfort
    • Compact size for resource efficiency ­ 1542 square feet heated and cooled
    • Patio and arbor area on south expand living area and provide summer sun protection
    • Minimal disturbance of site. Emphasis on native vegetation.
    • Owner-supervised construction waste management
    • Emphasis on Indoor Air Quality (no carpet, no joint compound, metal receptacles, no formaldehyde-containing wood products etc.)
    • Cabinets of formaldehyde-free Medite
    • On-demand gas water heater
    • Featured on HGTV’s Healthy Home and in Cool House Tour 1999



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