Key Staff

Gayle Borst

Gayle Borst, founder, Stewardship, Inc. As the founder and president of Stewardship, Inc., Gayle Borst has practiced sustainable architecture for over ten years. Her undergraduate training as a biologist gave her a fundamental understanding of life processes that has lead to a greater depth of understanding of real sustainability, particularly with respect to systems thinking and the importance of interrelationships. It is not surprising that many of her special areas of interest - natural building materials, site-responsive design, indoor-outdoor spaces - have strong ties to the biological world.

US Green Building Council Certificate of Membership for Gayle Borst Gayle completed her Master of Architecture degree at the University of Texas, specializing in energy studies and completing her thesis on designing with daylight. This background in energy efficient architecture, combined with her biology and chemistry training, made her evolution into the specialty of sustainable design a natural one. Understanding that all things are connected, she is continuously adding to her education and experience repertoire in order to deepen and widen the sustainability she brings to a project. Recent ventures include a tour of "Sustainable Ireland" and becoming a LEED®-Accredited Professional.

Gayle lives in an old Austin neighborhood, building a cob studio for Stewardship.

Member, Austin Energy Green Building Program   Member, United States Green Building Council

Team with Integrity

An integrated team approach has served Stewardship in achieving successful projects. Over the years, we have worked with many other professionals on projects and have come to respect and enjoy these folks. Please check out their web sites.

Glenrose Engineering
Civil and environmental engineering. Best management practices for stormwater runoff, site-sensitive remedies and mitigation for impacts of construction on our world.

In the realm of sustainable design, the profession that seems to change slowest are MEP engineers. ACR has embraced whole system design and integrates well with other design professionals. Specialize in energy modeling, commissioning, and efficient technologies.

Steinman and Luevano Structures
Open-minded structural engineers, conservative in their recommendations. Experienced in straw bale, rammed earth, AAC and all conventional structural systems.

BD&E, Inc.
James Bufkin, PE
Structural engineering. James has an architectural degree as well and is good at helping to develop creative solutions with any type of structural system, including straw bale, rammed earth and cob.

KWR Services
Mechanical systems design, analysis and specification, and commissioning.

Patricia Michael Design
Stormwater management, Permaculture, site design, water/drainage troubleshooting. Extremely knowledgeable and a very creative designer.

Native Landscape Design & Restoration
Elizabeth McGreevy
Native landscaping and restoration.

General Contractors

William T. Moore
Residential construction. Especially adept at "difficult site" problem solving.

Gaddis/Connor Construction, Inc.
Light Commercial Construction and institutional projects.

Michael Cox
General Contractor

Other Affiliations

Cob Cottage Company
Cottage Grove, Oregon

Sustainable Building Coalition (SBC)

City of Austin/Austin Energy Green Building Program

Living Technologies