Waid residence porch


    • Highly insulating straw bale walls with natural lime plaster
    • Local fieldstone
    • Juniper wood columns and railings from on site
    • Locally crafted door of salvaged wood
    • Locally manufactured recycled wood/plastic decking
    • Rainwater harvesting system for household water and landscape irrigation
    • Minimal disruption of trees and native vegetation
    • Natural ventilation and daylight through cupola
    • Interior windows to aid in passive ventilation.
    • Compact floor plan & outdoor rooms to minimize resource consumption
    • High efficiency Rumford fireplace
    • Some antique and locally made light fixtures
    • Integrally stained concrete countertops
    • Integrally stained concrete floors with earthen floor inset
    • Salvaged antique wood beams, trim, ceiling and doors
    • Interior partition walls of plaster over reed mat lath (no gypsum board!)
    • Featured in Cool House Tour 1999



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